I Know Who She Is Now

There’s a million people like me
A million have it worse
A million that are lucky
A million that are cursed
I’m not special this is just reality
I don’t even realize that’s me
Sitting on the ground again
Down again
Crying with my face in my hands
I don’t know her anymore
I am nothing as I was before
I didn’t expect myself to become her
Three years became a blur
Time passes
While I collect my ashes
And the trees silently stir
The wind is blowing
The leaves were falling
My seasons were changing
And I turned into ice
I thought I was right
But she thought otherwise
So my opinion changed
On came the pain
She forced me to alter my name
And after that the darkness came
My light was covered
By her black feathers
Out went my colors
And I welcomed the black, gray, and white
I joined her in flight
And eventually we joined in sight
We venture together in the night
Killing anything we can bite
Her I have become
Her I will always be
When I was wondering lost in the forest
She found and comforted me


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