The Pain in Sorrow

My Favorites

Trying not to let them spill out

You don't want to see my tears.

Hiding the pain I still feel around you

You could never calm my fears.

Punishments for what I've yet to do

Just nod my head and shield my ears.

Beatings that you never saw

No calms for simple childhood scares.

And now with anger for what I've told

Keep me with your shackle pairs.

Of broken trust is what you speak

But you were there for all these years.

Never seeing is what you claim

No more believing your false cares.

A harm to me you'll still be

'Til you let go of my affairs.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this when i was feeling really bad, i had just got done talking with my parents
couldn't really talk to any of my friends about what was going on and was doing my very best not to cry myself to sleep.

i still ended up crying myself to sleep but not as hard.

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