For Each Other

Scrapbook poems

To most people she was cracked,

not broken, but no longer whole.

A heroine in need of a hero.

Yet there ws none in sight,

and those who saw her

found the mark, then left.

It was no longer his mark to her,

though others still thought it so.

She had freed herself from him

Yet others still believed he claimed power,

but they were wrong.

A gilded knight, in armor bright,

knew of her past and the mark.

he did not sway as he strove for her.

Knowing the struggles, the plagues,

and the darkness he came,

closer and closer to her.

The bold, brave knight.

The strong, determined maiden.

A fitting companion to the other,

each with a past that does not control them.

each a fighter for what is right.

He will protect and comfort her,

Just as she will do for him.

They are both too good for the other.

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