A Love Story

Scrapbook poems

High up on a hill a troubled maiden watches

a battle unfold.

Her eyes have seen too many things.

Her form, too many places.

She's clad in blood

And trust no other being.

She'll haunt the battle field to find no love

And never have someone to hold.

To everyone she is "damaged goods",

to him she is not.

Possibly becuase he does not understand,

but perhaps it is due to the fact

that he understands better than most.

Or maybe he is as damaged as she.

Sadly, their finding each other is a tale never to be told.

The warrior and the maiden were linked,

Together they love.

Together they were able to stop

their hauntings.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i was at my bfs work when i wrote this sitting in the corner trying not to be noticed and this popped into my head

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