To That scum

Scrapbook poems

You were the scum who released my poison.

The catylist who released my darker self.

I struggle even now, after all these years,

With the taint you left.

Especially now.

You took something

Something I have no hope of getting back,

and lowered my view of your kind.

For years I refused to think of you,

Yet lived in surrender to your taint,

the memories too hard to deal with

without a companion,

and no companion for fear of you.

The it was necessary for a companion to know

and slowly it came back.

What you did to me was horrid.

What that has done to me is unexcusable.

And though I tried to take it,

the blame is yours.

You hurt me, and only now have I been granted the privillage

of feeling pain.

only now do I recognize the scars,

Marks too gruesome to believe at first.

I am still coping with th e humiliation of YOUR actions,

Still keeping myself from hating your loathsome being.

each day it gets better,

and each day it gets worse.

You probably don't remember me,

and I no longer remember your name

but the unseen marks you left are still there.

Still tender,

And I must take care about them.

You are not worth this effort.

Yet because of what you did,

and how you did it,

that effort is one more thing you take from me.

What you left me with is sicking.

How you left me is abhorrent.

And it will take me a good while to merely recover,

Time you steal from me.

The taint you left is darker than pitch,

and no amount of scrubbingseems to dissolve it.

The poison you used continues to flow though my system,

And no one sees.

I have not yet begun to truly feel,

To know,

The extent of the damage you caused.

I cannot yet comprehend everything you did to me,

But with each passing day

I become more and more aware.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

when i was younger (8) i was hurt very very badly by a guy it took me ten yrs to get to where i could even talk about it this poem it directed to that guy. oh yeah and i did find out his name

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