The Conflict with Him

Scrapbook poems

Two men are in my thoughts

yet only one is close to my heart

The other is an escape

And a possible friend

A friend a probalby need

But what do I do about the man I love?

He is not mine to love

And yet my arms still long for him

My lips still burn for his


He is not mine to love

And so I must let him go

He will be my friend

But no more is allowed

That is my choice

This is our closer

And though I thank him

for all he has done

I am no longer his

Author's Notes/Comments: 

ok its like this: ive only had two bf's in my entire dating history. go ahead pick ur jaw up off the floor i'll wait..good now? ok. so the first guys mom broke us up and this poem was my transition from being single again to my current bf and dealing with left over feelings from the first guy

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