Not Again

Scrapbook poems


No, I will not let you place your leash around my neck,

Nor your harness about my shoulders.

I will not let another string me up like his puppet.

I will not be chained,

Or dance for a fools delight.

I refuse to be coerced

I have enough that must be delt with,

I will break under the burden others place on me.

I have no allies to ease my suffering,

and when I ease theirs it is I who then is burdend.

No, I will not give in to my darkness.

I will not take this others burden,

Will not let those thoughts enter,

Will not be a puppet,

Will not let another restict me with their corset.

I refuse the taint of my darkness,

And the bitterness of a foolishly weighted heart.

I am my own.

These are MY problems,

and only those I trust will know of my continuous struggle

with this monster.

A monster of my own creation,

but I will conquer this foe,

Will be light again,

Will not be taken by darkness.

Unless I fail again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

obligations... dont you love them?

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