Unspoken Scars

My Favorites

How did we lose it?

Not by choice for some of us

                   -That's what makes this hard-

In the back of a car

Back of a truck

The front of a car

In broad daylight, the park

At a party

My bedroom, his bedroom

A public restroom, home bathroom

The mall dressing room

My own living room

In the ditch behind my house

My neighbors shed

On the road in front of my house

At a friends house, a sleepover

                - In an alleyway-

My basement

My closet

A parking lot, a hotel room

At gunpoint, at the end of a knife

On a dare

On a desk, in a classroom

In the back during class

To an object, to a father

A friend, a boyfriend

An ex

A stranger

A cousin, A friends cousin

A sibling

I dont remember

                  More than one

Too many to count


On film

The harshness of all this truly lies in where I will lose it....

In a quite room with my husband

In his gentle hands

and safe in his love

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My fears and my hope    Now i just pray it comes true

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