Part of You

Feel my veins beneath my skin

Watch me as I breathe

Slowly breathing

Racing heart

Chain me to your preconceptions

See in me what you wish

Fantasies of long lost lovers

Make them true with me

Silence your ears from my screaming

Blind your eyes to my wounds

Numb your senses to my pain

See only what you want to see

Take my tongue to stop my pleas

Forget how my skin crawls

Take it all thats what you want

Break me to your will

A simple kiss thats all you want

A simple act is where it leads

Break me make me

Hold me as your fantasy

Rescue me from all you see

Heal my cuts and mend my scars

Never ask me where i got them

Never want to see

Force your fantasy with me

Kiss my tears and smile softly

Hold on so tight I cannot tremble

Breathe in deep and make it real

Break me with your fantasy

Rape me as she consents

Force it all on me for her

Pour out your grief into me

And when you're finished hate me

Loathe what I now stand for

Loathe that part of you

Abandon and destroy me,

that part of you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm scared to say "about a friend" but it's true. It's how I feel

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