CHAPTER 14: DAPHNE (Let Her Be A Mystery)

IT is the last day of Spring 2013. I had planned to complete my biographical novel about Daphne John five years ago. But sadness and the overwhelming surge of those golden days, afternoons, evenings and early nights...when we had so much mirth, joy, the laughter of happiness surged (And even now, to this day, it does at most hours of the days and nights) I could not be loyal to my resolve. 

Anyway, here is a poem I wrote just a few minutes ago, as I remembered that it is the last day of the Spring season and my heart, mind and entire being took me back to the grand valley of yore, whose life, love and beauty was DAPHNE. Here is the poem:

Last day of Spring, 
Greenery, joy, love, laughter! 
But for me...memories... 

With my beloved one: 
My unforgettable Daphne* 
I dwelled in the yore. 

Love gladdened my heart, 
And energized my being, 
When Daphne was Spring. 

Rains, poetry, music, 
Revelled in her sweet presence, 
As Cupid rejoiced. 

Songs on the guitar, 
Love tunes on the piano, 
A soft moonlit waltz. 

In her velvet gown, 
She made fairies envy her, 
Venus* sang her praise. 

O Daphne! O my love! 
My life is just not the same, 
I just pass the days... 

It is almost impossible for me to forget Daphne and live. It is impossible to survive without my beloved angel who means everything to me -- I have come across several women eversince Daphne left me...but none....NONE OF THEM....comes close to even a tinge of what Daphne was and is. I often wonder if she was really a human or an angel sent by The God Almighty, for me, to love her and then keep pining for her as long as I live. An embodiment of virtue, modesty, chastity, ethereal charm and unimitable beauty of body, heart, mind and soul, Daphne surpasses the heroines of fiction Catherine of "Wuthering Heights" (Cathy had a touch of fickleness and a longing for the comforts of life as the novel depicts her vanities and her penchant for Edgar Linton instead of the loyal yet poor Heathcliff. Catherine is no match versus my Daphne.

Even Esmeralda of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"' Juliet of "Romeo & Juliet" and "Helen" of Troy; Cressida of "Troilus & Cressida" cannot compare even that wee bit with my sweet and unsurpassable Daphne. Only Desdemona comes a little close -- a shadow of my Daphne -- and after that it is Ophelia of "Hamlet".

The days of spring bid farewell and the sun is set to say goodbye. Summer will be greeting us all tomorrow. Heat, sweat, dust, stuffy humidity and all that it our planet is passing past a pit of Hell!

Yet... I do not care! As long as Daphne lives (Spiritually and in my dreams and memories) I really do not worry about which season comes and which season goes. It does not matter anymore. Daphne wards off my loneliness and my discomforting moments with a sudden spiritual telepathic message from the Paradise she dwells, in the company of angels most pure and divine and blessedly glowing in the Light of The God Almighty Allah.

Dear readers all: Bear with me patiently. I shall (God willing) complete this novel as soon as I can. It is a promise. Till then let me pass the remaining minutes of the sunset and take a trip once more....back into time....and enjoy the company of my undying beloved -- DAPHNE.

(To be Continued) Copyright: Muhammad Naveed Ahmed (Emmenay).

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Copyright: Muhammad Naveed Ahmed (Emmenay).

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