O my aching, sad and broken heart,

Be at ease and let the night flow,

Be not in gloom if the stars don't glow,

Pine not for those who chose to part.


In this struggle of existence, you and I,

Must accept that it is in our fate,

Let us learn to bear with patient fortitude,

The peace which has eluded us of late.


O yes, there were friends all around us,

And the ones who loved us -- the fair ones,

Yet pause and reflect O my sad heart,

Our fretting and fussing won't end the fuss.


As you are aware while beating for me,

And pumping blood through my veins,

We have read how even the best of men,

Had to bear pain and accept destiny.


Even though the world we are in now,

Has chosen to go insane in its want for more,

Even though greed and lust glaringly glow,

We have to be patient and to the Divine bow.


For He is the Creator and Sustainer of all,

He is fully aware of our present and past,

As it is He Who decides, why sigh and lament,

Over what we had and what did not last.


It is of course a dangerous world O heart!

Where evil is establishing its rule everywhere,

But all this you and I learned in the Books,

By the Maker of this world -- all made quite bare.


Misery and grief and the betrayal we face,

May just be His plan to increase His grace,

It may be a test of how we remain strong,

A test of faith to strengthen the love-bond.


The bond of love blessed on Adam and Eve,

Giving them the Garden of Eden as a home,

Yes, O my heart, we have to see and fathom,

That the Almighty always wants us to hone.


The faults and expectations we have imbibed,

The sorrows we have not learned to conquer,

Our Lord God Most High, may be telling us,

That in this world we have all laughed and cried.


So what if the stars do not shine brightly,

So what if the waning moon has not risen,

Why grieve and choose to be sad and morose,

Why not bear this now and hope for His mercy?


As all the wise men and women who came here,

Have warned us of the terrible times of ages,

If they too relied on the Almighty and did bear,

The misfortunes and yet shed not a tear.


Why should O my heart, should you and I feel,

And remain sad for what has happened to us,

Did not the God Almighty's chosen ones,.

Also faced the sorrows and still did not reel.


So, O my heart, let us learn from their lives,

That this world is full of deceit and lies,

A place this is where evil loves to dwell,

A place to prepare us for Heaven or for Hell.


So O my heart, let the night pass,

And let the day also shine and be hot,

Let us also accept that patience is virtue,

And learn to smile even in dried-up grass.


This is the wisdom of the wise ones, O heart!

It is the Maker's Will that we should accept,

So, please do not pine, be not so downcast,

For time changes and we will surely win, at last.


In this wretched place where Satan is ruling,

We have to put up with the poison of living,

With full faith in our Creator and His mercy,

That He will bless us again with all we are missing.


Yes, we shall be once again be given new love,

And friends too who will be with us to share,

The best of times, indeed this is His promise,

So let us thank Him and in front of Him let us bow.




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