Caravan in the desert, 
He hears her sad voice, 
He is wandering there for years. 

Qais* (The Majnoon) still seeks his Laila*,  
Though fate ruled it out, 
His quest for her is still on.  

Souls meant to be each other's, 
Are joined in Heaven, 
No one can keep them apart. 

Farhad* who pined for Shireen*, 
Mason and a princess, 
Live together in a single grave. 

What God The Almighty does, 
None can undo His plan, 
In true love His true Light shines. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*Qais (Majnoon -- meaning a mad man in Arabic) and Laila loved each other from their days of childhood. Yet they could not be married in real life. It is said by desert dwellers and gypsies of the desert that the ghost of Qais still searches for his very own Laila. 

*Farhad and Shireen: A Persian love story which has now become a legend in romance is about a poor mason (Farhad's) love for the pretty Princess Shireen. Yet he too is opposed and is driven off the city even though Laila also loves him with all her heart. He is given a task to draw a stream of milk from two mountains by Laila's father which he accepts to undertake. However, he is killed in a storm, after which Laila also loses her senses and goes running after him leaving the castle life and the pomp. When she finds the grave of Farhad she prays to The God Almighty to open it for her too so that she may join her beloved till the Last Day...and the prayer is accepted and the grave opens up and she too falls into it. 
Many such love stories abound the world over. Here I have mentioned only two to stress on the importance of the fact that when any one of us says that "Marriages are made in Heaven", it means such marriages and not the worldly ones that are uncountable. In fact it is my belief that it is The God Almighty who unites such souls in Heaven and that is why their union is never successfull in this world.