A blazing summer sunrise,

All involved, no time,

To return a "hello".


There's a heat in our own selves,

Desires have no bounds,

We have time for none.


Daily grind of office chores,

The sky is still blue,

But the hearts are 'dead'.


Evenings come with burden,

Nights have to be passed,

Only the moon smiles.


Along with the rising stars,

whose light is fazed now,

By man-made bulbs, tubes.


We have computers, cell phones,

We can share a lot:

But, who has the time?


The night bird shrieks suddenly,

As dew weeps softly,

For the flower buds.

With all the modern gadgets,

We are moving far,

No time for "hellos!"

In crowds and the road-sde throngs,

Or even in a park,

Or by the seashore:

People abound yet,

Yet no one to talk,

No return to "Hello!"