It is quite past the midnight hour,

It is almost close to dawn,

Flaky clouds cover the sky,

With patience, I await my morn.


Morn! It comes and goes,

Days pass with hopes and faith,

That the long waiting will end,

I care not for hurdles or foes.


True love was once a truth,

Now it has become a farce,

Even friendships waver now,

Unlike the time of my youth.

Back-stabbing is common now,

Smiling faces are veils and masks,

Duplicity is concealed well,

Hidden malice, in the eye-glow.


Money is what matters most,

In this materialistic age,

Virtues, values, friendship, love,

Are now like a disgraced host.


I am called "crazy", a "fool", "insane',

"Paranoid", "schizophrenic", "misfit",

Even the closest of my blood ties,

Have abandoned me, on world's plain.


I have realized the grim apathy,

The tragedy of this millenium,

I care not a whit, for The God knows,

That mine will be the victory.


The world said Muhammad Ali Clay,

Was "finished" when they stole his all,

Yet, with the help of The Almighty,

No boxer's greater than him today.


So, with The Lord God's help, I too,

Will disprove all my detractors,

God willing, even I, will soar...high,

Higher and higher, to skies anew.


He who beats the odds knows to win,

Even though this evil world will dim,

His light of greatness and glory,

Still, The Almighty, is with him.


I am one of those few chosen men,

Who has been blessed by The Lord,

The Lord of all worlds, the One, the True,

Will show you, detrators, where and when.


The where and when are not so far,

O ye all, who mock me and laugh,

The aura of my blessed majesty,

WIll be the night sky's brightest star.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is one of my latest poetic replies to those who have been back-stabbers worse than Brutus of Rome who murdered Julius Caesar. A smile graces my face as I think of my friend Melissa Lundeen's encouraging "Bravo Naveed!" in her poem titled "INTROSPECTION". Thanks yet again Melissa.

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