I have drunk many drinks with the passage of time, 
To forget grief and save the heart from decline, 
A night came when The God responded with love, 
And the angels gave me a goblet -- divine. 

Sip after sip, I was made to take from the hosts, 
Unseen they were but surely no ghosts, 
Unlike the drinks I had gulped down before, 
The divine drink came with heavenly toasts. 

My senses did not numb nor did I feel, 
Lost and confounded, I did not reel, 
And falter like drunkards; I was relaxed, energized, 
By the Cup of Mercy which contained heal. 

Now my life has changed, for I know that my Lord, 
The Almighty, loves me; has broken the chord, 
Which had kept me fazed, confused, heart-broken, 
The Divine Drink saved me, I'm chosen by The God. 

Unlike Omar Khayyam*, Keats and Mirza Ghalib*,  
Who sought solace with worldly drinks and glib, 
I chose to give my whole self to The Maker,  
The Unique One, Who breathed in Adam and his rib*

Author's Notes/Comments: 

1) *OMAR KHAYYAM: A well known Persian astronomer and poet who is famous even in English literature via the translations of his quatrains known as "The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam". 
2) *KEATS: The English poet whose full name is John Keats. 
3)* MIRZA GHALIB: Regarded by almost every poet and critic of Urdu literature as the best Urdu poet. 
4) *RIB: The reference here is to Eve, the wife of Adam -- who was created from his rib in accordance with the Will of The Lord God Almighty.

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