Robert Browning loved Elizabeth Barrett 
John Keats gave his all to Fannie Brawn 
Omar Khayyam wanted just his beloved 
Edgar Alan Poe pined for Annabel Lee 

Edgar the Sixth gave up his throne 
For his beloved Wallace Simpson   
Antonio of Rome and Cleopatra 
Gave up their empires for love's glee. 

Orpheus of Greece crossed even Hades 
While Paris battled for Helen, not Troy 
Through earthly love we come to know Him 
The God Almighty and our hearts find joy 
The Prophets, the Messengers and saints, 
The gnostics, the wise men and women 
Through loving humans learned to love God 
The One, The Only, the all loving Lord. 

And me too found the clue to happiness 
As my beloved Daphne came in a vision 
More beautiful she was than when on Earth 
Angelic and peaceful in the Garden of Eden 
And I lost track of time, night and dawn 
As my heart's queen taught me love's wisdom: 
"Our earthly attraction and worldly affection 
Is the key to our eternal true union". 
Adding more my houri* told me: 
"Grive not O Naveed for I am always yours 
"As I was in the world, shed no tears 
"Our love is blessed by our Maker 
"And our souls are each other's...forever". 

As my eyes opened the blue sky was joyous 
For me and Daphne as Allah The Glorious 
Had revealed to me the secret of living 
And blessed my heart, mind, my being 
Not from the fountain of life or Muses' Spring 
But from the lips of my sweetheart, my darling. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yet one more love poem about Daphne and me. Everything here is a true account narrated in poetry. Some of my detractors and even some of my friends say Daphne is just a figment of my imagination. No! She was my schoolmate, then my friend, then my first love and now my everlasting beloved. Like I have mentioned quite often before in my earlier poems on Daphne and our indelible love-bond...there is no woman even to this day who can compare with her beauty of body, heart, mind, being...and above all...her SOUL. Daphne befits the statement made by William Shakespeare  in his play "Antony & Cleopatra: "Age doth not wither nor custom stale her infinite variety". I am a poet but I do not exagerrate. Daphne was Truth and her Truth -- Beauty! 

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