THE LAST DAY OF SPRING 2013 (A bittersweet love poem about my first love: Daphne John)

Last day of Spring, 
Greenery, joy, love, laughter! 
But for me...memories... 

With my beloved one: 
My unforgettable Daphne* 
I dwelled in the yore. 

Love gladdened my heart, 
And energized my being, 
When Daphne was Spring. 

Rains, poetry, music, 
Revelled in her sweet presence, 
As Cupid rejoiced. 

Songs on the guitar, 
Love tunes on the piano, 
A soft moonlit waltz. 

In her velvet gown, 
She made fairies envy her, 
Venus* sang her praise. 

O Daphne! O my love! 
My life is just not the same, 
I just pass the days...  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

DAPHNE*: My schoolmate, my first love and beyond doubt my everlasting one too...the inimitable, virtuous, ethereally beautiful Daphne John. I have mentioned her in several other poems here...for those who want to know more...and now I am writing a biographical novel on her. 

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