Men die for freedom, 
Women, children keep struggling, 
But no one is free. 

The rich, the cunning, 
Use the people as their pawns, 
Especially the poor. 

I am forced to tears, 
As I witness tragedy, 
On roads and on streets. 

Mob psychology, 
Practiced by the Grecians, 
Is so much in vogue. 

Come, O my sad heart! 
Let us seek refuge, safety, 
Like Ephesus Sleepers. 

Maybe, if God wills, 
The sun will wake us again, 
When there's true freedom. 

O, my beloved one! 
Why not seek refuge, 
From this age of falsehood? 

Can't you see my love, 
That we are just being used, 
Like pawns in a game? 

See: O my dearest, 
The rich are getting richer, 
And the poor, poorer. 

Moses, Isaiah, Christ, 
Have they not warned us wisely, 
In Torah and Gospels? 

And the last Prophet, 
Muhammad of Arabia, 
Has foretold this evil. 

Who cares O my love! 
For the teachings in Scriptures, 
Who hymns David's Psalms? 

Our earth -- look at it, 
How it has been corrupted, 
By materialism. 

Sin is glorified, 
Virtues are now "old fashioned", 
Goodness is laughed at. 

Misery all around, 
Stench, filth, run in blood, 
Of evil humans. 

What is this progress, 
Where tall structures do mock us, 
While impostors enjoy. 

This democracy, 
Is a ploy of power seekers, 
Ah! These deceivers! 

Lies, lies and more lies, 
Is the norm of this dark age, 
Let's go to "The Cave*. 

Let centuries fly, 
Like it did for the good youth: 
Come: let us be safe. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*SLEEPERS OF EPHESUS: Mentioned in the Holy Bible and The Glorious and Wise Qur'an. They were young men who believed in God Almighty and His commandments while the town they lived in was a land of idol worshippers who were steeped in falsehood, lies, dishonesty, deception and several other crimes, admonised by the Creator (Allah/God Almighty) and his Messengers and Prophets as well as all the Godly saints and good men and women. So they took refuge in 'The Cave'.  
The account is mentioned all the more clearly and vividly in The Glorious and Wise Qur'an.

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