Moon and clouds hover, 
Silvery light bathes land, 
Peace for heart and mind. 

Peace...radiating love, 
Calm, solace, spiritually, 
No heat...just pure light. 

Reflection of sun? 
If so, why is it so cool?  
Can science explain it? 

The Creator is right, 
The sun a lamp; the moon light, 
Light for all dark hearts. 

Are man's claims and theories, 
I believe in facts. 

Truth is so vivid, 
No need to rely on anything, 
Who knows more than God?  

Evolved from the apes? 
I don't believe in Darwin: 
Ah, the crap he spread! 

Adam and Eve, 
Are my first father, mother, 
I am no ape man. 

Mayans and 2012! 
Lucifer's followers lied, 
As they always do. 

Textbooks abound with, 
Myths, faleshood, conjectures, 

Come with open minds, 
And sit where sea waves kiss land, 
Read Nature's wisdom. 

Most men and women, 
Are worse than the blind and deaf, 
More dumb than donkeys. 

Is there nothingness? 
Or another dimension, 
Unseen to eyes, not hearts. 

Hearts blessed by The God, 
The Creator, The Sustainer, 
All praise to Allah! 

Jupiter has 12 moons, 
So do some other planets, 
Full of light sans heat. 

Truth gives me more strength, 
And my faith in Allah increases, 
The moonlight glows more! 

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