Those grand Saturdays!
Those memorable Sundays!
How my past haunts me!

We were together,
Pa, mom, brother and sisters;
Caring and loving.

We were united,
Carefree, happy and merry,
Joys unlimited.

Watching classic films,
Without worrying about school,
TV movies were treats.

Sunday was special,
The weekly get-together,
Of the family.

Decades have gone by,
Yet every moment still shines,
Filling eyes with tears.

Childhood mirth echoes,
Youth, freedom, friends and love too,
Where has all that gone?

My sensitive mind
And heart try to reconcile,
How to erase all?

The God Almighty,
Has always been there for me,
Yet, I am human...

So, when I am stirred,
By the tinkling old piano,
I wish to return...

I long and I crave,
As I weep beyond control,
O, my memories!.

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