Saba* quietly hushes, 
The greetings of spring to me, 
O, I am in love! 

Unlike past years, 
This is the truest, divine love: 
The love of Allah. 

Allah: The One God, 
Whose Light refreshes my heart, 
With ethereal softness. 

I have seen so much, 
Of all forms of other loves, 
Now, I am content... 

Happy... when sadness, 
Sends its swift barbs from the past; 
Allah comforts me... 

He is THE best love, 
As He has chosen my heart, 
As His love's abode. 

Anxiety plagued venom, 
Mixed with wordly hypocrisy, 
Afflicted me often. 

But this spring brings joy, 
As angels hymn along with me, 
Tears light up eyes... 

How blessed I am now: 
No more deceptions of word-play, 
From worldly beauties. 

No more dejections, 
I breathe a healing fragrance, 
In raindrops and snow... 

Truth lights up my path, 
Taking me closer with each day, 
To Him and Eden. 

Eden: My real home, 
Where souls like me long to dwell, 
In Heavenly bliss.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

SABA*: The spring breeze...which brings joyous tidings of the beautiful season.  

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