Under the starry sky, 
The winter's cold night I brave, 
Amazed at what I see

At the sea wave's edge, 
The lullaby of the breeze sings, 
Hymns of Allah's love. 

From the high hill tops, 
My vision gains more wisdom, 
At the nature around. 

In the dry deserts, 
With my tent pitched in I see, 
Unseen through the seen... 

Why should I not weep, 
As I realise Allah's love, 
He IS the Al Wudood! 

I am more aware, 
As each moment that passes, 
That Hell is man-made. 

And evil minded wealthy folks, 
Are responsible. 

He's Allah -- The God, 
Most merciful, most clement, 
He has Paradise. 

Eden and many more, 
In infinite dimensions, 
In His love is Peace! 

Watching the blue dawn, 
Spreading His Willed Light, 
Universal love glows. 

O! My dear poet friends, 
The melody in solitude, 
Is sublime and soulful. 

Just let go of this world, 
And its tempting deceptions, 
For Allah's promise: 

The God of all says: 
In all the holy scriptures, 
That He is Eternal. 

So, why not read? Ponder? 
On the falsehood clouding us, 
With attractive lies? 

Why not seek some time, 
To harmonize our spirits, 
In tune with the Truth. 

Earthly incidents, 
Are warning us all, daily, 
That the end is near. 

Think not, for God's sake, 
This, as a preacher's sermon, 
Please, be not unfair. 

In the silence of pre-dawn, 
Let your true 'self' be embraced, 
From earth's bondage. 

I am sure you will, 
Be welcomed by the angels, 
And be blessed by God. 

His love for us waits, 
Isn't He our Caring Shepherd? 
Then why not love Him? 

Why not adore Him, 
Why ignore all His favours, 
Why stay as lost sheep? 

In Him and His Love, 
Is peace, joy and happiness, 
And THE Paradise! 

I was a lost man, 
Despite all accomplisments, 
Till I fell in love... 

In love with The Maker, 
As in a chosen, blessed moment, 
He revealed His Beauty... 

There is so much still, 
Hidden in the invisible, 
For true love-seekers... 

His is everything, 
His Light is lit by His love, 
I scoff at all else! 

In His Love I dwell, 
Having found much sought solace, 
Truth, Love and Beauty! 

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