Winter waits for spring,
The maid in the moon canoe smiles,
As I adore God.
Life and its seasons,
Our own plunging into Hell too,
Hidden in a zero.
Allah is The One,
We have keys to reopen,
Doors of our Eden.
In time's ups and downs,
I have found why destruction,
Wrecks our life and death.
I know now that I,
Must ward off world's deceptions,
For the Abode of Peace.
Perhaps you may say,
These are just a poet's ramblings,
Or just a passing whim.
I tell you my friends,
When Allah is sought truly,
The world matters not.
My heart and mind have,
Become aware and enlightened,
By Allah -- Our God.
Allah is The God,
He is the Light eternal,
I love Him the most.
All else is fancy,
Graveyards and cemetries,
Reveal much at dusk.
Even the burned remains,
Of idol worshipers say:
The soul matters most.
So I bid adieu,
To the tempations and lure,
Of temporary ties.
Allah's Light fills me,
My faith in Him increases,
So, fare thee...all...well.
Allah's love is best,
For He loves us like none else,
What else is Heaven?
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