Darkness overwhelmed me,
But Allah helped me fight it out,
The rising moon smiled.


Those who are Allah's,
Those who Love and revere Him,
He always helps them.
Destiny and stars,
And sayings of soothsayers,
Depend on His Will.
He is the Lord God,
The Master Writer of fate,
My faith is my strength.
Watch the slow movement,
Of all stars in moonless nights,
They adore The God.
Look at the shrubs, trees,
The movement of the sea waves,
They worship The God.
The God -- Ilaaha,
He's Allah in Arabic,
The True God of all.
He is the pure Light,
Of the Heavens and the Earth,
Vision can't capture Him.
But this Light of His,
Shines in all true, loving hearts,
Especially the broken.
I am but a name,
My term is ordained,
But Allah is eternal.
All praise to Allah --
The God, the One, the Only,
WIthout any equal.
He is my Beloved,
I have shunned all worldly love,
For I have found Truth.
The Truth and Beauty,
Which is seen by hearts only,
Beauty-Truth; Truth-Beauty.
Adieu to you O world!
Aufwidersehn to falsehood,
And back to Allah.
His everlasting love,
Has made a new man of me,
Allah: Al Wadood.*

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*AL WADOOD: It means "The Most Loving" in Arabic. This poem is a spiritually inspired one and is meant of offend nobody in any way. It is the poem of a gnostic (A person who has been blessed by Allah (The God Almighty) with His awareness). A mystic, a monk who believes in monotheism and even a monotheistic nun, the wandering sufis and the seekers of the genuine and unblemished and untainted Truth will understand what I mean. Even the ordinary reader of spiritual poetry like Tom Kennedy, Allets, Loving Lovelace, Heather Burns, Gohil and the "Palewinged Poetess" can grasp -- I am sure -- the meaning of what I have said above. Again, I repeat most sincerely, no offence intended to anyone, anywhere.

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