http://www.poetry.com/poems/638911-The-Night-O my Lord God Allah, 
How can I thank You, 
I love you the most, 
My Ultimate You are! 

You forgive my sins, 
You shower Your mercy, 
Day in and day out, 
In sleep too You guide me. 

O Allah! My Lord God, 
Lord God of all worlds, 
You are my Beloved, 
I adore You O my God! 

As this Friday tapers, 
I pray all the more, 
For forgiveness of sins, 
And more of Your favours. 

The greatest of all of gifts, 
You have blessed on me, 
Is your Love and its Light, 
Resplendent and bright. 

My heart is Your own, 
Your very own home, 
You made it inside me, 
The Garden has grown. 

I love you my Lord God, 
The One and Only One, 
Beside You there's no god, 
The Truth I speak out loud.

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