In the deepest depth of nights I talk to my Lord,
When there is no one to interfere or prod:
What I am up to and why I am sleepless,
My feelings, my woes...I bare my heart to God.

He is the only One Who has been with me all along,
As an unborn, an infant, a boy, a youth -- strong;
He is my Everything, my Creator, my Sustainer,
I love Him the most as to Him I belong.

In this world of lies, deceptions and falsehood,
He is the only One who has with me stood,
Guiding me mercifully, helping me carry on,
Making me beat evil and always be good.

I am amazed to see some worshiping idols,
While some make Satan their role model,
Why worship the creation, why not the One,
Our Benefactor --- whose like there's none!

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