It seems even night,
Longs for you just like I do,
The universe too.

I recall what you said,
To me on a night like this:
"O, how I love you!"

Hiding my tears well,
I gazed into your eyes,
My reply was conveyed.

All I am left with now,
Are those bygone lovely days,
And lonely sleepless nights.

How to forget you,
It is just not possible,
The night knows it too.

Fighting loneliness,
Is still better than flirting,
Fooling just myself.

On Halloween too,
I waited for you to come,
What else could I do?

Life without your love,
Is meaningless existence,
But what else to do?

I took a deep dive,
In Hades too, seeking you,
But I failed to die.

So I must live on,
Soothing myself with the hope,
That soon, I'll meet you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yet another poem written soon after Daphne departed from this world...more than two decades ago...found it from "Mother" a novel by Russian author Maxim Gorky while rummaging through my collectible books (rare editions) of classics, scattered here and there, in the store room of the house where I reside these days.

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