Last night I watched Obama and Romney,
One fearing loss, one longing for victory,
My sweet saqi at the mysterious Tavern,
Laughed as she filled a cup more for me.

Then sitting with me with a cup for herself,
She unveiled her eyes and gazed at my self,
Smiling after gazing deep into my sad eyes,
She patted me softly and went for a shelf.

Taking out a small dairy she flipped the pages,
Then gave it to me saying: "The sayings of sages":
"Read O poet and forget all this vying for glory,
"Live in the present just like your saqi".

"O poet, of what use to you are Obama and Romney?
"Have any one of the two cared about misery?
"Have they, like Christ, fasted or sacrificed comforts?
"Do any of the two, know the Gospels, by memory?"

"So, why waste precious time on watching such men ,
"Why ponder and make predictions on either of them,
"Why not drink and lose your heart, mind and soul,
"To the One who deserves to be revered often?"

"Read: Flip the pages and rejoin Socrates,
"Then also spend some time with Demosthenes,
"You may also like to know about other wise ones,
"Who wasted not time in lies, false vows, stories".

I looked at the still unveiled eyes of my saqi,
And gazed back at her divine soulful beauty,
Then I smiled and switched of the TV,
Drinking more from her goblet of divinity.

The day found me refreshed as the saqi,
Wished me "Peace" plus God's more mercy,
I knew Obama had been re-elected but laughed,
Knowing how lucky and blessed was Romney.

For, in a vision, in my de-linking time, I saw,
The trials and tribulations for Barack Obama,
Then I got up and embraced my saqi,
And prayed for her life and her soul's beauty.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

SAQI: Arabic/Persian/Urdu for a person who serves water and drinks to thirsty people. It also refers, especially by poets of the East -- like Omar Khayyam, Ghalib and Iqbal, along with their successors (Me being one); to an extraordinary beautiful veiled woman, who serves drinks to the lovelorn, the heart-broken and the dejected and deprived men and women of the world.
The saqi is this poem, as in several other poems by me published here, refers to a very special lady who owns a tavern and who has renounced the world and its temporal, short-lived pleasures and comforts for "gaining true peace and love of God" by serving and comforting the grieved ones who visit her at her tavern. I shall not reveal more :)

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