Our eyes met so often
And then, in sadness, they wept
As fate tore us apart!

The night of love we dreamt:
Was nothing more than a dream --
As fate tore us apart!

Now, when I think of you,
How our days and nights were spent --
Fate tears me apart!

Why did God give us hearts?
Why did Cupid shoot his dart?
Why fate tore us apart?

These are the questions posed,
By your lovelorn man to God,
Why did He make us part?

In silent gloom go days,
Sleepless pass all my nights,
Why did you choose to part?

Folks say I am "crazy",
Friends who are true yet untrue,
Wrapped in a shroud is my heart!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yet one more poem I composed for Daphne and rediscovered it from "SEA WIFE AND BISCUIT" -- a novel, on which a movie too was made in the 1950s, starring Richard Burton and Joan Collins.

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