Strange climate,
Stranger is the world,
The finite vies with Infinite.

Mortals seek,
To conquer age, death,
When they can't cope with a storm!

Women want,
To be always young,
Old age they just cannot bear.

Young men try,
To be super heroes,
Building muscles, shrinking souls.

Space hunters,
Look out for new worlds,
While this one needs attention.

The Big Bang!
That's how it started,
But does this really matter?

Twenty twelve,
Is the last year here,
So the Mayans have told us.

God Almighty?
Who cares about Him?
Lucifer is worshiped now!

Super stars!
Not super actors!
Myths and lores lure the fools!

Wall Street rush,
Stock exchange bustles,
Obama, Romney, on the run!

A hurricane strikes,
The Infinite beats the finite.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by seeing how helpless mankind can be despite tall claims of scientific progress, technological advancement and digital living. Hurricane Sandy exposed the frailty of us mortals.

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