My heart and mind reach out for those,
Suffering "Sandy's" calamity,
May God Almighty, the Most Merciful,
Forgive the sins of humanity.

When innocent ones have to bear burdens,
Of stormy hurricanes and fire, blackouts,
The sinners and the creed of Satan,
In LA are enjoying games and fun.

Wordly ambitions of the two contestants,
Vying for the leadership of the nation,
Are unsure of what will happen next,
May to God they turn -- repentant.

Why does most of mankind forget,
The Torah, the Psalms, Gospels, Qur'an,
Why do those who have sinned still neglect,
Seeking not forgiveness from God Greatest?

What goes around comes around,
This is an undisputed fact,
When devilry and sinful deeds abound,
Then the consequences do react.

I pray for the good ones who love Lord God,
That they may be safe from all harm,
I also wish that the sinning millions,
Seek forgiveness for what their hands wrought.

The deluge which destroyed Noah's folks,
Is still there as a warning in all the Scriptures,
Revealed to Moses, David, Christ and Muhammad,
It is time it is not treated like folklore, jokes...

God Almighty loves His creation,
All Adam and Eve's children,
Yet He is also the God Most Just,
Against sin His wrath is a must.

O you who believers in the One True God,
May He protect you and save you,
With faith in Him and prayer, patience,
Hymn the Praise of our Lord God.

All boastful scientific and digital progress,
Has been shown its worthlessness,
"Sandy" beckons you all to realise this,
The Loving God is also ruthless.

If we abandon the goodness of thoughts and deeds,
And remain trapped by Lucifer's seeds,
Then only do storms and fire strike us,
So let us seek forgiveness for all our misdeeds.

How many a civilisation has been destroyed,
How many a generation has perished,
Where are the Mayans, where are the Pharoahs?
Ponder...reflect...and reform your creed.

This is the time to hearken and learn,
Lessons from the storm's wisdom,
The time to wake up spiritually,
And return to the path of salvation.

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