Closing my eyes to see you gone,
sorry for the timing, knowing i was wrong,
a puncture in the raw of the heart,
never knew the regret of us being apart,
letting go to say so long, a closing lyric in such a sad song,
an embrace and a kiss then a cold wind chill,
tear in the eye and the world stands still,
loss of the heart like a feather to fly,
can be so cloudy in the blue of a bleeding sky,
with every blemish brings a question of truth,
everything pure and precious i left with you,
keep what you have of me for all eternity,
remember me as i once was or could be,
to remember the feel of your touch,
would relive the past to feel it again,
but to relive the moments would hurt too much.
(By Julie Ann Pham).

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written more than 10 years ago after a misunderstanding between me and the poetess who wrote this poem.

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