The American coastline in the east,
Faces the wrath of a hurricane,
Sandy they call it, even though the winds,
Unleash their fury from over the sea.

Man boasts a lot about scientific progress,
And deceives himself with an illusion,
Till nature shows that when souls regress,
Washed away is wrong impression.

Untamed and wild is the storm that strikes,
Making us realize our frailty of being,
When sins are condoned in the name of Christ,
God Almighty wipes away what He dislikes.

The wisdom of the sages of the ages,
Is replete with exemplary morals,
History books have recorded pages,
Of how sins cause downfall of mortals.

Bear your own cross and be responsible,
Let not the laws of God be violated,
Let each of us take account of ourselves,
And how we forsake good for evil.

Greed for power, wealth and name,
Lust for illegitimate ties and cheating,
Lying, deceiving, gambling, coveting,
Sex, conning, burning in envy's flame...

Where are the Commandments of God,
Given to Moses as the best reward?
Where is the great wisdom of Christ?
How come Satan has become the 'Lord'?

When evil grows beyond its bounds,
And goodness is defined as a weakness,
Then God's angels' mocking laughter,
Becomes "Sandy" to decide the matter.

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