Night hisses,
Serpent-like, quietly,
Unaware -- I am aware.

Open sky,
With the fourteenth moon,
Makes me ready and keener.

Several nights,
Like this one have come,
And gone -- Hissing, just hissing.

Diana Krall,
Norah Jones, the Sinatras --
-- Saddest songs are the sweetest.

Poetry books,
And the telescope,
Take me far, beyond the stars.

Is Earth mine?
Was I really destined,
To be here of all the worlds?

Then why do,
I feel sad despite,
The fresh air and solitude?

I dismiss,
The hisses of night,
To communicate with God.

Only He,
Is my truest Friend,
The Truth amidst illusions.

Human love,
Has lost purity,
Polluted like everything...

On my own,
I have learned to live,
Yet gloom decorates my heart.

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