It was after some time that I went to 'The Tavern',
I went there to find the saqi* as sweet as ever,
Comforting worried ones, the lovelorn heart-broken,
With drinks, sweet words, like mercy from Heaven.

Greeting me as modestly with a welcoming smile,
Her gaze eyeing me through her diaphonous veil,
Shaking my hand and taking me to the seat,
Replenishing me with the best drinks for a while...

Then my generous hostess sat opposite me,
Asking me why I had made her tavern lonely,
Upon seeing me struggling for the right answer,
She took my hands in her hands with a whisper....

"You need not reply, if it adds to your heartache,
"For, your eyes tell me, the sadness is no fake,
"When you were missed by your buddies here,
"My wine jars and goblets too remained awake."

As she refilled my cup she kept endeavoring,
To make me forget my melancholic yearning,
Craving my lost beloved I thought I was seeing,
Her right there with me, with the saqi, reveling.

Let me tell all those who wonder about 'The Tavern',
Who think that drinks are harmful, intoxicating,
When a true lover is battling feelings and pining,
For the beloved -- the tavern is the best dwelling.

When there is no purpose left in life, worth living,
When nights upon nights are spent without sleeping,
When the memories only end up with tears and sighing,
For love lost...The saqi IS the 'messiah of healing'.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*SAQI: An Arabic/Persian/Urdu word used for a person who gives water or drinks to the thirsty. However, after it was romanticized by several poets, especially Omar Khayyam, Ghalib, Meer Taqi Meer along with the tavern, it is refers to an extraordinary charming and beautiful veiled woman, who serves drinks and wine to the lovelorn, the heartbroken ones, who frequent taverns in Iran, Pakistan and India.

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