What a day!
After the holy Pilgrimage,
To Kaaba,
In the city of Makkah.

The festival has begun,
Sacrificing sheep,
Goats, cows and camels,
in Abraham's tradition.

The rich are,
Proud and showing off,
All that wealth can buy,
While poor children cry.

Only for the wealthy?
Whose hearts have,
Forgotten the Almighty?

Has a divine wisdom,
But who cares!
To remember and fathom...

...Why God chose,
To save a prophet's son,
With a ram,
As he fulfilled his vision.

The tradition remains,
A body sans soul,
As the ostentatious rich,
Mock the poor of a nation!

Walking skeletons,
Relishing mutton and beef,
While the poor seek relief...

...From hunger,
And stark misery,
With starving babies,
Cling to their milk-dry mothers!

Prophets came,
With God's divine guidance,
Stressing what piety is,
Ah, this age of ignorance!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The festival of sacrifice is known as Eid Al Azha throughout the world of Islam. It comes right after the completion of the Pilgrimage to Makkah (Known as Haj) on the 10th day of the Islamic calendar's 12th month known as Zilhaj. The affluent and rich Muslims sacrifice rams, sheep, goats, cows and camel, in the tradition of Prophet Abraham (Peace be upon him) who, as mentioned in The Bible and The Qur'an, was saved from sacrificing his son, by God's divine intervention as the prophet's son was substituted with a ram. The details are there in The Bible and The Qur'an. This poem is about the real spirit of sacrifice which has been replaced by ostentation and has become a custom, a ritual, devoid of the true love of God and mankind.

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