There is no one like you O God!
True glory just belongs to You.
You are incomparable O God!
Majesty really belongs to You!

You are omnipresent everywhere,
How can anyone with You compare?
In creation does Your Light shine,
There is none equal unto You!

Astray are all those hearts and minds,
Who worship the finite leaving behind,
The Infinite Love in the vast expanse,
The Love which only the gnostic finds!

Idol-worshiping and worshiping fire?
Star-worshiping and the devil's lair?
If only the ignorant and the misled knew,
That there is no other god but You!

You are The Merciful, The Benificent,
The Creator, Just, The Omnipotent,
I can hymn your praise from night to dawn,
To You the beautiful Names belong!

Neither Shiva nor Rama nor Siddharth,
Were so unwise to call themselves gods,
Even Mahavira and even Krishna,
Bowed before You O Lord God!

When I see the ignorant and the foolish,
Worshiping creation not their Creator,
I feel ashamed of calling them humans,
For You are adored by all nature!

You are the One and the Only One,
Before You can stand no impostor,
Divine and unseen by blinded eyes,
Your presence is felt by your lover.

I am not able to fathom You as much,
You need to be understood O God,
And when I gaze within, without,
I swear that except You there's no God!

To You shall I devote all my praise,
For only You are worthy of it,
May Your Light of Truth banish falsehood,
May Your greatness always bless the good!

How the devil has made your vicegerent,
Worship stones, images, how I lament,
At how men and women degrade themselves,
Worshiping what they make without repent!

Yet when these ignoramuses travel,
In ships and boats and are caught in storms,
They call none other except You,
Proving Only You can avert the harm...

They revel in worshiping monkeys and snakes,
Elephants, cows, rivers and lakes,
Forgetting that You created everything,
The Lord of all worlds, the King of kings!

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