Taking Omar Khayyam's Rubaiyat with me,
I went to The Tavern of my gracious saqi,
Both of us gleaned wisdom in gems of wine,
In the joy of thankfulness we became divine.

Thanking the Lord God for all that He has given,
We both sipped cups and cups of red and gold,
Worldly and finite abilities to argue or reason,
Were replaced by the knowledge of Hell and Heaven.

What we make out of ourselves in our love for Him,
Is the clue that makes the grateful ones win,
His everlasting Grace and all-encompassing passion,
All veils are lifted through self-annihilation.

It is not food and water or anything that sustains us,
It is His Will that blesses one to exist without fuss,
By crushing the lower self to replenish the higher,
We are eble to enjoy all: past, present and future.

It is thankfulness that even Khayyam has stressed,
As the best wine comes from the grapes greatly pressed,
Eat, drink and be merry is not the message he conveys,
It is gratefulness in all states that his verses are well dressed.

The grieving over the past and the fear of the future,
Are Hell fire -- lurking inside us deep and still deeper,
Like Khayyam has disclosed in his wise Rubaiyats:
It's the Grace of the Beloved that gives joy to the lover.

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