I can but scoff at those creatures,
Who like to kill innocent ones,
These followers of Satan, these vultures,
Are an insult to all religions.
They shot a young girl named Malala,
To kill her was their 'grand' mission,
But greater than these killers is God,
May He rid us all of such human scum!
The anti-Christ is already here,
Virtual reality gives him life,
His agents sell arms and ammunition,
The "Impostor" is their leader.
So, let us -- all of us who know,
Come together and let us show,
That what God's true messengers taught,
Is "Love Thy Neighbour" and share his woe.
We have to end the wars of hatred,
Planted by the devil's breed,
We have to dare this anti-Christ,
By beating him with all our might.
We have advanced scientifically,
Enhanced is our technology,
Let us develop spiritually,
Let's end falsehood globally.
The human scum spreads but muck,
The muck of injustice, fear and dread,
The monster who has caused all this,
Is the first who must be shot dead.

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