What's there to life!
Except toiling and struggling,
Longing for peace,
Love and understanding
Between loved ones!

Loved ones?
Only feeding on what
My love can offer them?
O humans!
How I am forced to think:
About loved ones!

An earning machine!
Nothing more,
Than a need,
That must exist,
To dole out more!

What's there to life?
Sighs and tears,
Nightmares, fears,
Lacklustre cheers,
Sarcastic jeers,
Increased strife!

All after me
Like hyenas
After a cheetah
No true love
No heart now
To beat for me!

"Here's to life!"
Joe William croons,
What's there to life?
In between the tunes...
Moon, no moon,
No nights to swoon,
On a shoulder,
No afternoon,
Or a soul with whom,
I can sing
Here's to life!
In uncontrollable joy!

What's there to life!

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