The evening bid adieu
As we two
Reveled in golden hue.

As darkness spread dew
The noise of wildlife
Drew me nearer you.

You laughed while I
Paused for some time
And laughed with you.

Our eyes met and gazed
In me you shone
And I glowed in you.

Being the bold one
You mocked at fear
But your soul withdrew.

The howling hilltop
Was such a contrast
To the city lights too.

With you as my friend
My apprehensive state
Made me hug you...

As time went by
You calmed my nerves
Agitation just flew...

To The Tavern we went
Where a gracious one
Warmly welcomed you.

With a loving smile
She shook my hand
Welcoming me too.

Your Tavern, your saqi
The sweet solitude
Inspired me....like you.

The hospitality tinged
In beauty's fragrance
Was ethereally true!

Verse after verse
Both of us shared
As the night flew.

Never had I
Experienced joy
As I did...with you.

Music and poems
Lilting and soulful --
-- A dream come true!

Embers of friendship
Lit up the flame
Of romance too...

If you had wished
Friends would have been
Blessed lovers too.

Ah, my destiny,
Having given the best
Couldn't give me YOU!

You could have had me
If you had seen
How I wanted you!

Yet O noble Naveed!
You proved friendship can
Be beautiful and true.

How I wish the guys
Who romp around me
Could be...like YOU!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the poetic rejoinder by Marilyn Carter the California-based poetess to my poem "WHEN 'THE TAVERN' BECAME HEAVEN"

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