They shot her:
She is battling death...
Woe to all the terrorists!

An innocent girl,
Who sought equal rights;
For girls who,
Wanted education,
But who were being deprived;
Of the same,
Through guns and bomb blasts,
By the teeming extremists.

Is a land of peace
But for the likes of such men!

They are not
Muslims in spirit
In fact they are the devil's league.

Wreaking hell,
Violence and mayhem,
And killing peace-loving folks.

Has been their victim
But God Almighty is there!

To save her,
To restore her life,
Flickering like a candle...

While all those
Who are against her
Will be doomed to Hell forever.

This name shall live on,
Proving what true Islam is.

While the land,
To which she belongs,
Will see an era of peace.

Islam is
A religion of peace
As Malala will prove it.

And terrorism
Have no place in Islam.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Malala Yousafzai is a 14-year-old school-going Pakistani girl hailing from the Swat Valley of the country. She was shot by terrorists and is battling for her life at a hospital. The terrorists who claim to be Muslims but who are in fact a band of Satan's leagues are against education and equal rights for women. They shot down Malala four days ago but she is still alive...battling with death. May God Almighty save her and through His divine will and mercy restore her to life and perfect health again. This poem is a factual tribute to the brave young girl.

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