Owls hooting
Hyenas howling
Are the banshees shrieking too?

Silence still
Waits for its own chance
To deafen all these night calls.

O my heart
Aren't modern pop stars
Just like these wild animals?

Where are those
Whose melodic voices
Used to soothe the saddened soul?

Where are they?
Why are cities jungles?
Why do folks revel in noise?

Bar night shows
Strippers swiveling
To and fro seductively!

Pimps outside
Are lurking demons
What has Las Vegas become?

Poetess friend
Marilyn Carter
Gazes at me romantically.

The hilltop
Where we came to share
Solitude and poetry.

Without peace
We can but shake heads
At the horrors of our age!

What the eyes
Tell each other
Is a tale of restrained hope.

She and I
Enjoyed the sunset
As long as both of us could.

The clamor
High up and below
Has jangled our poetic thoughts.

A good poem
We wanted to write
Rhymes deep within our heartbeats.

Where to seek
Khayyam's wilderness
Where to make paradise now?

"Come let's go"
Marilyn tells me
"Where Khayyam dwells in peace".

"Ah, I reply!"
Unable to hide the sigh
While she hugs me and whispers:

"Your 'Tavern':
"Why not we go there?
"Just the place for you and me!"

Our eyes meet
As we both steer on
To 'The Tavern' and the saqi.

Once therein
The gracious veiled one
Blesses us with serenity.

Poetry flows
From the hearts and eyes
Marilyn's... and mine too...

Night fades off
As our verses on love
Make 'The Tavern' our 'Heaven'.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem composed not so long ago while sharing a sublime poetic evening with California-base poetess Marilyn Carter. I have Marilyn's rejoinder to this poem which I hope to publish here soon...God willing.

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