O my companion! O my buddy!
Deceive me not so artfully.
I am brimful with the aches of love,
That I may live long...pray not for me!

In the scars of the heart shines my light,
And this light is the secret of my existence,
I fear O my friend, you may kill the essence.
Why not leave me alone to my destiny,

What is the big deal O my faithful buddy,
The price of true love I would love to pay,
So pray not, please, for my longevity,
And add more to my days of misery!

My passion's flame is at its highest high,
No windstorm can ever make it die,
My deep fear is hidden in a flower's spark,
That it may ignite the entire garden ablaze.

Why pine for me O my trusted friend!
Why shed sad tears for the way I end?
To perish in the fire of an eternal love,
p*ss what that may take me to her again!

The cup-bearer has risen once more,
O Emmenay! Whither lost are you?
What if your pal steals away your drink,
While you are keen on your drowining!

The sips that are only meant for you,
Don't let anyone steal those away...
And miss the time to bid adieu,
To all those who for you do pray!

Lose not the chance of a lifetime,
Don't let others extend their hand,
Ah! the regret you will have to bear,
Ah! the gambles you will have to play!

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