After many a night away from the tavern of divine Godly love,
I ventured there yesterday as dusk left with the dove,
I still found all my true friends there and even her -- the Saqi,
And the divine call of piety sounded again like the vow:

The pledge of fealty of worshiping none but the One,
For what else is worship other than the lovely blossom,
That resounds with "Only He is God" in each throbbing heart,
And all of us filled our goblets with His Love's Wine -- wholesome.

The Saqi at God's far and hidden tavern of love,
Has drinks coming down with angels from above,
The cleric entices you with Heaven, frightens with Hell,
Shun him and seek the tavern of the mysterious grove.

In the eyes of the Saqi shines the graciousness of God,
In her blessed tavern there are no rituals of the Nod*.
Peace, love and the divinity of the Maker,
And sublime ecstasy abounds in the drinks of the Lord.

So my dear friends, love God and God alone,
Fear not the devil, or the preacher on his throne,
And if you can, seek out the tavern of divine love,
And be blessed while the Saqi melts your idols of stone.
(By Muhammad Naveed Ahmed/Emmenay. Posted on September 10, 2011).

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(*NOD: A reference to places where only rituals without meaning are given undue emphasis and whose visitors pray mechanically, instead of the devout spiritual state of hearts and minds that true worshiping requires).

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