By chance, during an early pre-dawn walk,
In the Yorkshire moors, silent and still,
I saw Heathcliff and Catherine*, arm in arm,
Two souls, emerging out of the dark.
"I love heather and this cliff",
Cathy told this to her beloved,
"That is why you are called Heathcliff",
In the narrative, which I, to Emily bestowed."
Heathcliff smiled at her and replied:
"It was here that you and I would ride,
Where Bramwell* too would often come,
With his Emily walking by his side."
"O, wait Heathcliff", I heard Cathy say,
"Let me tell you why I loved to play,
With your heart, again and again,
For you were mine and mine you stay.
Edgar Linton was allowed by me,
So that I could try to make you see,
"How much I longed to make you mine,
"And did everything to be just thine."
I was caught in their rapturous talk,
During that early pre-dawn walk.
Held in the aura of those moments,
I felt like being in an uncharted park.
And as the cold breeze began to blow,
I could swear I saw Cathy and Heathcliff go,
Higher and higher to their favourite spot --
-- Peniston Craig -- lit by a halo.
And then an old man tapped me on the arm,
And asked me about some forgotten farm...
I was dazed with my eyes held in a spell,
Of two lovers meeting and saying how they,
Made Emily write about heather and hay,
Blending to become a tale of true love,
Ere the sunlight dared to spread a ray.
True love transcends time and space,
And gives new hope and fine grace,
To hearts that thud to the beat of love,
As Venus herself beautifies its face.
Heather and cliff and Heathcliff:
Catherine knew the meaning of bliss,
And as long as truth and love live,
No one with gifted sight can miss,
Emily's account of Wuthering Heights,
Where nights greet dawns with a kiss.
(Written by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed/Emmenay. Posted on July 28, 2011).

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*HEATHCLIFF AND CATHERINE (KATHERINE): Main characters of authoress Emily Bronte's novel "Wuthering Heights". The poem is connected with the central idea of the novel. According to some noted biographers Emily Bronte, the sister of Charlotte Bronte, was in love with cousin Bramwell. Emily and Bramwell died in their youth just like Catherine and Heathcliff in "Wuthering Heights".

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