When times are tough

And there is no friend around

It becomes a test of bearing the utmost

For the poetic soul -- sensitive and receptive

More than all the other humans around.

My friends are rare indeed

Time-tested and true

But just as I predicted years ago

In my poem: "The Caravel of Time"

They are now far, far away from me

Scattered at different ends of the earth.

And my beloved, rare woman, though worried

Must not be hassled more...

I am not selfish as her lover true

And this I must always prove

That my troubles must not increase her woes

At least not to the extent that they grieve her more

Than she already is -- I know she is upset, so better be quiet

And expound not my problems and cause wrinkles

Of concern or even a frown which hints that she has been upset

By the challenges I am being confronting with.

Instead, let me try to unwind and relax,

And put off my load of worries to be thought about later...

I am sitting in a park and watching some toddlers playing

As their moms and dads are washing clothes

In the nearby puddle of murky rain water.

O, I am saddened even more at the sight!

But, as my beloved, rare woman, often tells me to practice:

I am doing my best to see the proverbial silver lining

On the dark clouds that are slowly gathering overhead

Hearkening yet another spell of thunderstorm and rain

Also, it will snow, in the hills and mountains, high up from here

And even further beyond, in the Alpine range.

My silver lining is only a prayer to my Lord God Allah:

"O merciful Almighty, do provide some shelter

For the downtrodden and the helpless poor

The under-privileged and those who can't afford

Warm woolen clothing in this death-like cold.

Do You really need to be informed O my loving Almighty?

Can't you see how the meek and the poor are doing

And it is You who are most loving and all-knowing

What is there that is hidden from Your sight?

Show your might, yes O my Lord God, show your might

And let me and the silent sufferers win this fight!"

"Let us not be defeated O my most loving God

Help us in prevailing against the looming odd!" (Aameen/Amen).

   (Written by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed/Emmenay on February 9, 2011).

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by an afternoon spent after lunch, at a public park, in a city which claims to be very modern but where the only Silver Lining I see is a prayer to my Lord God, Allah Almighty. I am amazed and depressed at seeing poverty trying to survive against the forces of thundering winter and the freezing cold in a modern I is my only "Silver Lining" in this state of affairs wherein I too have had to cope with several upsetting matters at work...

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