January is cold
But not for me
For the love of my beloved rare woman
Keeps me warm and cosy
She is Aphrodite the Adorable
She is Venus re-incarnate
She is a woman and not a saint
A Helen who cannot be owned
By any bloating and old King Priam.
She is my Lush Lily
She is my Lethal Lips
She is my lass on our pirating adventure
And I am her Captain Blood.
I see people huddling and rubbing their hands
To provide warmth to their coldness within
But I am quite warm
And stronger than Samson and Hercules
And feel faster and speedier than Muhammad Ali
In fact I do not feel any cold at all
For my rare, beloved woman's love
Is all the warmth I have ever longed for
And which God has given to me
In so much abundance
And very gratefully I am thankful to Him
For the love of the one who is a total woman
A woman which men dream about or fantasize
Yes, by God, she is that --
My rare, beloved adorable woman....
Let her remain, as ever, anon....

                 Written by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed on January the 26th, 2011.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on and for the woman who truly loves me.She is the solace and warmth, comfort and ethereal, a perfect blend of the spiritual and the temporal. With a heart of gold and a being pure, she loves and only loves...and her greatest measure of love is for me only. Thanks to Allah/God Almighty. People and lovers of romantic folklore and true stories have read about many lovers but ours will be a really remarkably individual love story, blessed by God Almgithy and His divine and blessed angels. I twill make lovers forget all other tales of love and passion....God willing....ONE DAY.

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