New year 2011

Finds me yet again

Tackling life and living

And struggling to maintain


The cloudy sky

And the drizzle

Are like messages

Of God's mercy

To the depressed ones.

There is chaos

In the country

And the common man

Strives with all his might

To feed his family

Which is more than just

Man and wife and children.

It also includes a mother

Widowed, sick and aged

And sisters waiting

To be married.

My beloved, rare woman

Comforts me all along

With her caring and love-filled

Letters and poetry.

What would I have been

In this cold and rainy new year

I often pause and wonder

Yes, what a sad soul I would have been

Seeking love in a world

Which is mostly lusty and greedy

Selfish and haughty

Unkind and cruel

Devoid of sympathy

For the deprived and lovelorn...

And my imagination soars

Higher and higher

Beyond known horizons

Into a realm of fascinating charm

Where my beloved, rare woman

Is seen at her most beautiful self.

I see a world of love-happy people

Rejoicing in the happiness

That true love gives.

It is amazing and captivating

As the rainy drizzle

Converts itself into a shower

Of snowflakes that don't hurt

Or cause anyone to shiver.

Like fairies they seem

To my poetic gaze.

Yet reality hearkens me

As the phone bell rings

And I am asked

If I could come over to the office

To help the chief editor

With dealing with the work-load

Piled up in the news room.

It is new year indeed

But not a holiday for me

And several others toiling

And battling for ensuring

A good pay at the end of the month.

I am ready to meet the challenge

As I have had my brief joy-filled moments

Thanks to my imagination

And my beloved, rare woman.

I fear not anything, anymore

Except God Almighty

And without a care I get ready

To cope with another day of work

On a worldwide holiday

The New Year's Day....

             (Written and posted by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed/Emmenay)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was inspired by the events and circumstances on New Year's day, January 01, 2011. My beloved, rare woman remains un-named as before, yet she is the one who owns me -- body, mind and soul -- ever since she came into my life as a blessing of God Almighty.

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