More than four decades

Of my life have passed

And I see nitwits and nincompoops

Bribers and illiterate morons

Trying to dictate my job to me.

I could swallow them, digest them

And shit them out whenever I like

Yet the near and dear ones

In my family

Compel me to swallow my blood

And put up with the nonsense daily.

My beloved lives in a super power

And yet even she cannot do the least

To ease my state of suffering

My best friend is still hankering

About sending me an invitation

To the land where he is happily settled.

My mother and children are quiet

Bearing, like I do, all that this land

The wretched and selfish have to offer.

Inflation is reaching unparalleled heights

Even Mount Everest and Karakorum-11

Mock at my beloved Pakistan.

Men who have been renowned robbers

Thieves, con men, cheaters and hustlers

Murderers, burglars and cut-throat bandits

Are merry making day in and day out.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the Quaid-e- Azam

Is restlessly tossing in his grave-tomb

While the uniformed ruffians have looted

And raped my once-prosperous beautiful land.

Promises are made by kleptomaniacs

Who come out like beggars, nay, worse than them

When they want votes for their parliament seats.

Brain drain has made the dreams

Of poets like Dr. Iqbal and Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

I am also aware of all that is happening

How the have are throttling the have-not

Whether the Western powers help them or not.

My poor denuded homeland -- the Land Of The Pure

Is crying for justice to one and all

To humans with conscience

And to the powers that be

And even to the witnessing angels

Of God the Greatest, the Almighty...

But I am alone, like some like me

When will this damaged land see honesty

Truth and a sense of sincerity

To have the havoc repaired --

The destruction and loot by the bureaucrats

And the self-serving politicians?

Is this for what the poets envisioned?

Sages like Sir Syed Ahmed Khan?

Visionaries like Mashriqi?

No, this is a farce I see

A grotesque burlesque fantasy

O God Almighty, O Allah

Enough is enough I am forced to say

Send down your wrath on the guilty ones

Destroy their castles and fortresses

Their Secretariats and their hidden bastions

And all their safe havens and sanctuaries

Above the land and inside the mountains

If Pompeii can rebel and crush

The inequity of the proud Romans

If the USSR can crumble in days

And become separate as Russia

If Germany can be battered too

And the British Empire lose its worth

What great feathers have these morons

Of this land called Pakistan got?

Except dishonesty, plunder and bigotry?

O my Lord God! Allah Almighty

Just like you destroyed all those

Communities and nations that did wrong

And prided in their revelry

Forgetting You and Your silent Hand

Of slow but steady punishment

I appeal to Thee, pray to Thee

O my just Lord God Allah Almighty

Destroy the hoodlums one and all

And make my homeland, my Pakistan

A place where righteousness thrives

Once its buds spring upright and straight

After uprooting inequality.

And let this blessed land of the Qaid

Become an example for all to see --

May it the Eighth Wonder of the world be...

Terrorism is barbarism

And no loyal one of this land would agree

To blow up his own dear ones, his family.

This is a ploy hatched up by those

Who want to wreck peace and amity

And blame it on us poor Muslims

Who are more concerned about our meals.

I challenge Russia, I challenge their friends

To come up with the truth and defend

How a people busy in toiling and work

Can become suicide attackers for money

This is an Indian ploy I am sure

Which is paying for what we do

To help the dying in Kashmir

Indira did not want Pakistan

Just like her father Nehru did

To survive for more than three decades

Madeleine Albright vexes eloquence

In the Zionist forums of debauchery

Tell her to have a debate with me

Televised live on a worldwide stage

And I promise I will make her eat dust

At the wrong doings of her ancestry.

What Mountbatten and Cripps connived

At the time of Partition

Will be laid bare open before the world

Then let me see what Paul Schoefield

Predicted about the devilry

Which the British and the Hindus planned

And divided unjustly the lands where

Indian Muslims had majority...

O, were I Haider Ali

O, were I Tipu Sultan

Or even a strong Mahabat Khan

I would have taught the English men

Who came here as colonialists

And then through divide and rule

Became rulers of our lands so free.

O my Allah! You are the Greatest

Give sense of honour to my Arab friends

And raise among them a Saladin

Who can rid this earth of treacherous men

And spying diabolical women

Who love to be naked and have sex

Even in the arms of an Indian pygmy...

Save this bastion of Islam

O my God, save Pakistan...
My beloved Pakistan!

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